Other than collecting dust in your shrine to now defunct and obsolete consoles, an old PlayStation DualShock 3 controller might just but what you are looking for to play new and old titles on PC, especially if the good old mouse and keyboard setup are proving tiresome. To boot, it’s a novel upcycling solution.

Why would you want to use a PlayStation 3 controller when Sony’s much-refined DualShock 4 exists, and an Xbox controller is a doddle to get working on a PC? The simple answer is that the PlayStation 3 is a controller oddity in that it had a built-in accelerometer capable of detecting motion and pressure on the analog face buttons in both three directional and rotational axes.

In real terms, this means the analog buttons are pressure-sensitive, a feature that doesn’t feature on either the DualShock 4 or Xbox controllers. Connecting PS3 Controller to Windows 10 PC how is it easy to connect? Sadly, it isn’t as simple as plugging it in via a USB cable like Microsoft’s proprietary Xbox controller, but it’s well worth the trouble.

Before you start, gather up your old PlayStation 3 controller and the mini-USB capable used to charge the controller. If not, a standard mini-USB capable goes for next to nothing over on Amazon or at any local electronics outlet. If you are still using a PlayStation 3, make sure it’s switched off before proceeding as it can interfere with the setup process.

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How to Connect a PS3 Controller to a PC

Once installed properly, the DualShock 3 should automatically work with the Steam client and any PC game that supports gamepads. You may be able to adjust the control settings for individual games, but your computer will recognize the PS3 controller as an Xbox controller, so keep that in mind when adjusting the button mapping. When you’re done playing, turn off the DualShock by holding down the PS button on the center of the controller.

  • If your DualShock 3 controller is paired with a PS3, first unplug the PS3 from its power source, or else it can cause syncing conflicts.
  • Plug the DualShock 3 into your PC via a mini-USB cable.
  • Download and run ScpToolkit Setup.exe. It should automatically download all of the other files it needs, so just follow all the prompts.
  • If you’re on Windows 7, download and install the Xbox 360 controller drivers.
  • After the ScpToolkit finishes setting up, select the big green button above Run Driver Installer on the window that pops up.
  • On the next screen, make sure the boxes next to Install DualShock 3 driver and Install Bluetooth driver is checked (if you have a Bluetooth dongle plugged in).
  • Uncheck Install DualShock 4 driver (and uncheck Install Bluetooth driver if you don’t have a Bluetooth dongle).
  • Select the arrow beside Choose DualShock 3 controllers to install and choose your PlayStation 3 controller from the drop-down menu.
  • If connecting a Bluetooth dongle, select the arrow beside Choose Bluetooth dongles to install and choose your
  • The Bluetooth device from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Install. When finished, select Exit.
  • The ScpToolkit Settings Manager will then appear in your system tray. Select it to add another device.